AML’s easy – said no one ever!

But maybe we are making it harder on ourselves than it needs to be.  It doesn’t help having the big penalties weight of the supervisors on our backs and the unclear interpretations of the legislation and guidance.  However, if we take a step back and ask ourselve...
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Growth Pains of AML

September 23, 2019

Growth Pains of AML

New Zealand is still in its developmental stage with its anti-money laundering and countering financing terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance regime. Although Phase 1 entities such as financial institutions and casinos have been subject to the AML/CFT Act since 2013, Phase 2 entiti...
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The Dirt on AML - August Newsletter

You’ve probably already heard that $1.35 billion is estimated by the New Zealand Police to be laundered through New Zealand businesses by criminals – mostly drug dealers, fraudsters and tax evaders.  It’s been in the keep our money clean campaign been run by the g...
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Covid-19 risks

Well 2020 started fine then took a tumble with Covid-19.  it would be easy to put AML/CFT to one side with the different levels of lockdown interrupting travel and businesses.  Surely even the crims would take a break, right? Unfortunately not, Covid-19 has created...
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